Hand drawn schematics of RC Nikko car (NJM 2609 AL)

My old RC car didn't work, so in order to repair it I need the datasheet of Nikko IC "NJM 2609 AL" (the board ref. is "RJ 9010"). Since I couldn't find it on the web (maybe too old),I decided to reverse the schematics and make it available for all : Poster du projet (Schematics, pdf file) This circuit is able to decode TX frame in order to drive propulsion motor (pin 20), speed (pin 19), and steering (pin 12, pin 16).

I my case no RF signal was coming to the 2609 IC, the HF part made of 3 transistors was in trouble... My problem was caused by oxydation of one HF transformer : once opened, I discover that a wire was cut, I just welded it ) I hope it will help ! (comment to << t . grandpierre @/at esiee . fr >>)