Acoustic Streaming for process intensification in mini/microfluidics



PI: Xiaofeng Guo

Students: Chuanyu ZHANG (PhD student)

Collaboration: MSC 7057 UMR CNRS Univ Paris Diderot


Figure 1 : experimental images of acoustic induced streaming




Applying acoustic fields in a mini channel containing sharp edge can enhance heat and mass transfer by locally induced acoustic streaming.




Figure 2 : experimental setup for visualisation



Figure 3 : Fluorescent particles under the effect of acoustic induced streaming around a 115 sharp edge




[1] Chuanyu Zhang, Xiaofeng Guo, Philippe Brunet, Maxime Costalonga, Laurent Royon, Acoustic streaming near a sharp structure and its mixing performance characterization, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics (2019) 23: 104. fulltext

[2] Chuanyu Zhang, Xiaofeng Guo, Philippe Brunet and Laurent Royon, Experimental study of acoustic induced streaming around sharp edges in a Y-type mixing channel, Acoustofluidics 2018, 29-31 August 2018, Lille, FRANCE




-         CEMIP FINMINA, platform for microstructural thermal properties characterization, 2015

-         CSC


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