Mission CAT!

Counter of Annahilating Threat!

An incredibly boring adventure text based game made by Avesta, based on the Zuul-Game

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1964. The tensions of the cold war are at their peak. Both the USSR and the USA are ready to go on a direct conflict. After multiple heated theatres, Stalin decides to send the new nuclear missiles the USSR scientists have developped.

You embody the Agent n°42. No one knows his name. Not even himself. The only thing known? He's the best damn agent there is.

The missile launch is scheduled in 24 hours. You have been dropped at the secret location where the launching facilty is according to intel.

As the best member of the CAT! Unit, Sneak your way in, investigate, and find a way to stop the launch! Or else the whole world as we know it might come to a tragic end...

How was it made

It's like Minecraft! (they're both in java)

Based on the Zuul project and the Objects First! Book, Mission CAT! is a low level, boring, short and bad game that's 100% a MGS ripoff.

Though programming it was a great training exercice! As someone who already had quite some experience with C, C++, C#.NET and Python before, learning a new language wasn't that hard: it was the object oriented part that was new

I used BlueJ as my IDE and Visual Studio Code as my text editor

>Click here to access the documentation/javadoc (BlueJ generated, mid April 2019)
>Click here to access the code (zip archive, mid April 2019)
>Click here to access the Advancement report as a PDF file (mid April 2019)
Click here to acces the github repository (mid April 2019)


Réalisé dans le cadre du cours d'IPO & du projet Zuul


Professéee par Monsieur Denis Bureau

ESIEE Paris, l'école de l'innovation technologique...

Première année du premier cycle - Classe 12c