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Here is a set of past exams, that are provided online
for encouraging self-evaluation, homework and practice.
Comments are always welcome. When a correction is not provided,
it means that it does not exist in a suitable form.

This material is presented to ensure timely dissemination
of scholarly and technical work.

Copyright and all rights therein are retained by me, the author,
and by CCIP/ESIEE. These works may not be reposted without
explicit permission.

Parent directory
Traitement d'antenne / Array Processing
Techniques Satellite et Radar
Bases de traitement du signal / Signal Processing basics
Filtrage Numerique / Digital Filters
EL201 Signaux et Systemes / Basics in Signals and Systems
Estimation spectrale / Spectrum Estimation
Compression d'images / Image Compression
Communications numeriques / Digital Communications
Codage / Coding theory
Filtrage Adaptatif / Adaptive filters

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