Topological smoothing: programs

We provide C source code for topological smoothing, both for 2D and 3D binary images.


A version of Linux is needed for an easy installation. To install the programs, download the archive TS_programs.tgz to your working directory, then open a terminal and type :

    tar zxvf TS_programs.tgz
    cd TS_programs
The executables are created in the subdirectory "bin".

File format

We use a standard file format for 2D images, called pgm. The format description can be found here. For 3D images, we use a "natural" extension of the pgm format. In addition to the "width" and "height" fields in the file header, a "depth" field (in ASCII decimal) indicates the number of planes of the 3D volume. The data is stored as a succession of 2D planes. Both raw data and ASCII data are supported.

For conversion from and to raw file format, we provide the programs raw2pgm and pgm2raw.


To test the programs, you may use the images provided in the directory "test". These images were also used as illutrations in the paper [CB04].


A quite minimal documentation is provided. The html version can be found in "doc/html/index.html", and the pdf version in "doc/latex/refman.pdf".

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