Discrete Geometry Computational Geomtery Computer Graphics
  • Geomview is a 3D interactive visualization tool for Unix.
  • VRML is a Virtual Reality Modeling Language which describes the geometry, behavior of a 3D scene. Several free VRML viewers can be found, for example, Cortona VRML client which is a VRML plug-in for Windows Internet browsers and also MSPowerPoint, and FreeWRL for linux. There is also a powerful viewer, SIM VRMLview which can be used both for Windows and Lynux.
  • AC3D is a 3D graphics design software for Windows and Linux. It supports many file formoats for its input/output such as VRML1.0, DXF, POV.
  • POV-RAY is a raytracing software for Windows and Linux; for its output a BMP file is made.
Computer Vision GIS HTML JAVA
  • Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) at SUN
  • Eclipse (the Japanese page is here) is an open platform for building integrated development environments (IDEs) which is used to create software applications such as web sites, Java, C++ programs, XML, etc. It offers many useful tools such as Java editor and debugger as its plug-ins. There is also a visual modeling tool EclipseUML for eclipse.
  • The Java image processing API (for 2D) at Østfold College.
  • JavaView is a 3D geometry viewer and mathematical visualization Java software.
  • ImageJ is a Java tool for image processing and analysis at NIH.
Some useful softwares Image database For searching books and papers International Conferences National workshops and symposia
  • Workshops organized by a working group CVIM, Computer Vision and Image Media.
  • Workshops organized by a working group PRMU, Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding.
  • Journée Informatique et Géométrie at LIRIS (Lyon), June 1-2, 2006.
  • MIRU2006, Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding, July 19-21, 2006, in Sendai, Japan.


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