Pink 0.9

Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cellStructure de cellule pour les listes chaƮnees de successeurs
pink::python::convert_if< T >This class casts an 'ujoi<>' image class to 'xvimage*'. If the template parameter is not derived from 'pink_image' class, then the type is unchanged
dcomplexComplex number, represented by doubles
pink::types::dealer_t< T0 >
fcomplexComplex number, represented by floats
grapheStructure pour la representation des graphes
pink::liberator_tThis structure frees the images, that have been allocated by readimage
pink::pink_imageThis class forms the base of all image classes
pink::ujoi< pixel_type_ >This class represents the image types used in Pink-C++ and Pink-Python
pink::python::xv2pink< T >This class is used for C function type decomposition. It takes any type as template parameter and if it's 'xvimage*' then it returns 'pink_image'. In other cases it returns the parameter type unchanged
xvimageThe image class for the C functions