Pink 0.9

Compiling Pink on Microsoft Windows

This page describes the compilation of the Pink library on Microsoft Windows. Note that Python front-end is ALSO supported on Microsoft Windows.


For a successfull compilation on Microsoft Windows you need at least the following tools:


There is no configuration utility on Microsoft Windows, so you have to alter the 'Jamroot', 'boost-config.jam' and 'boost-build.jam' files, which you can find in the Pink source's root directory. Open up the three files in question and adjust the directories.

There is no mechanism for creating the built in documentation yet, so you have to copy 'python_doc.h' from a Linux build.

Preparing the Boost sources

For the compilation on Microsoft Windows Pink uses 'bjam' as it's build tool. You can create the 'bjam.exe' file by executing 'bootstrap.bat' in Boost's root directory.


Open up a command prompt and change to the Pink source directory; then launch the 'bjam' build-tool.

cd C:\Pink-svn

In the end of the compilation you will have 'libcpp_pink.pyd' created somewhere in the 'Pink-svn/bin' directory.

You can copy this file into the Python package-directory:

copy bin\msvc-10.0\debug\link-static\threading-multi\libcpp_pink.pyd c:\Python27\DLLs\

Now the library should work the same way as in linux:

import libcpp_pink

If you want to use the rest of the interface, you should copy the 'Pink-svn/python/pink' directory among the Python modules, or you can use:

from sys import path
import pink

enviroment variable (note the slashes insteed of backslashes).

UjoImro, 2011