Dror Aiger

LIGM, University of Paris-Est and Computer science department, ESIEE Paris

I moved to Google Research

Areas of interest:

Computational Geometry

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Image Processing

Computer Graphics

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4PCS web page

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Dror Aiger, Micha Sharir: Homotheties and incidences. CoRR abs/1709.02933 (2017)

Dror Aiger, Haim KaplanMicha Sharir: Output Sensitive Algorithms for Approximate Incidences and Their Applications. ESA 2017: 5:1-5:13

Nicolas Mellado, Dror Aiger, Niloy Mitra : Super4PCS: Fast Global Pointcloud Registration via Smart Indexing, 12th Symposium on Geometry Processing (2014, Best paper award) (web).

Dror Aiger, Haim Kaplan, Micha Sharir: Reporting Neighbors in High-Dimensional Euclidean Space.  SIAM J. Comput. 43(4): 1363-1395(2014).

Dror Aiger, Efi Kokiopoulou, Ehud Rivlin : Random Grids: Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbors and Range Searching for Image Search , ICCV 2013.

Dror Aiger, Haim Kaplan, Micha Sharir: Reporting Neighbors in High-iDmensional Euclidean Space. SODA 2013.

Dror Aiger, Silvio GuimarĂ£es: Efficient model based single and double thresholding for real time recognition. ACCV Workshop on Detection and Tracking in Challenging Environments 2012.

Dror Aiger, Niloy Mitra, Daniel Cohen-Or: Repetition Maximization based Texture Rectification. EUROGRAPHICS 2012 (web page).

Dror Aiger, Hugues Talbot: The Phase Only Transform for unsupervised surface defect detection. Book Chapter. Emerging Topics in Computer Vision and its Applications. Series in computer vision Vol 1. Edited by C H Chen, 2011.

Dror Aiger, Yukiko Kenmochi, Hugues Talbot, Lilian Buzer: Efficient Robust Digital Hyperplane Fitting with Bounded Error. DGCI 2011: 223-234

Dror Aiger, Hugues Talbot: The Phase Only Transform for unsupervised surface defect detection. CVPR 2010: 295-302

Dror Aiger, Klara Kedem: Approximate input sensitive algorithms for point pattern matching. Pattern Recognition 43(1): 153-159 (2010) 

Dror Aiger, Klara Kedem: Geometric pattern matching for point sets in the plane under similarity transformations. Inf. Process. Lett. 109(16): 935-940 (2009)

Dror Aiger, Klara Kedem: A GPU-Based Algorithm for Approximately Finding the Largest Common Point Set in the Plane under Similarity Transformation. Int. J. Image Graphics 9(2): 287-298 (2009)

Dror Aiger, Niloy J. Mitra, Daniel Cohen-Or: 4-points congruent sets for robust pairwise surface registration. ACM Trans. Graph. 27(3): (2008) (web page), also in SIGGRAPH 2008

Rami Ben-Ari, Dror Aiger: Geodesic Active Contours with Combined Shape and Appearance Priors. ACIVS 2008: 494-505

Dror Aiger, Klara Kedem: Applying graphics hardware to achieve extremely fast geometric pattern matching in two and three dimensional transformation space. Inf. Process. Lett. 105(6): 224-230 (2008), also in EWCG 2007

Dror Aiger, Klara Kedem: Exact and Approximate Geometric Pattern Matching for Point Sets in the Plane under Similarity Transformations. CCCG 2007: 181-184

Dror Aiger, Daniel Cohen-Or: Mosaicing Ultrasonic Volumes for Visual Simulation. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 20(2): 53-61 (2000)

Dror Aiger, Daniel Cohen-Or: Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging Simulation. Real-Time Imaging 4(4): 263-274 (1998)


6,275,613 Method for locating a model in an image

6,210,168 Doppler ultrasound simulator

5,956,418 Method of mosaicing ultrasonic volumes for visual simulation

5,609,485 Medical reproduction system

 20030174877 Method for inspecting patterns



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